Welcome to Selective Conformal Coatings Inc.

Selective Conformal Coatings Inc. provide a complete global solution for conformal coatings, Potting and Low Pressure Molding.

Our customer based, technical approach to all projects ensures the customer gets what they need.

We can offer both subcontract services and in house coating solutions.

We ensure the customer achieves the best return on their investment, whether that is outsourcing or in-house production.

SCCI was founded in 2007, with the company expanding to primarily service the EMS industry and quickly gained respect with the OEM industry.

This stellar growth has been matched by the exceptional caliber and dedication of its staff that SCCI has managed to attract and retain.

Coupled with the great diversity of customers and projects that our company subsequently engages with SCCI’s core business spans Consulting, Conformal Coating, Potting and Low Pressure Over molding.

We assist organizations with services, design as well as material selection with our capability through the application of various industry experience in the aerospace, medical, rail and the automotive industry.

SCCI delivers its customers with end-to-end unified and supported solutions.

Our ongoing success is directly attributable to its enduring refinement of the finest, proven business methodologies and training skills.

SCCI is constantly setting in motion the practicalities of our growth projections. Growing our reputation for quality and on-time deliveries at a realistic, cost-effective price.

SCCI is continuously expanding its technology and workforce, technical and geographic coverage to meet the requirements of our client-base.

Because we are resolutely vendor and supplier independent, thereby preventing any conflict of interest, our clients remain confident in the knowledge that SCCI’s services represent the industries finest and latest technology.

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